Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Real estate

MAR_2454, originally uploaded by gugs.

This was a simple test at a colleague's apartment to see if I had the right combo to start real estate photography. I put the Tokina 12-24 lens, a very wide angle zoom made for DX (crop factor) sensors, on the D3 FX (full frame sensor) camera. There is a DX mode on the D3, allowing to use the DX lenses, but in low resolution (5.1 MP instead of 12MP). Since resolution is not that important for real estate (pictures published in small format in a magazine or on the web), this does the trick. The D3 gives a huge advantage in terms of sensitivity, allowing to shoot hand held (no tripod) with available light. There is some distortion but nothing exaggerated. In fact I had a confirmation by several people on the net, this is just the right combo for real estate photography.

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