Monday, July 12, 2010

180mm 2.8

gear-6, originally uploaded by gugs.

A not so well known Nikon lens, a compact alternative to the 70-200 zooms with excellent image quality even fully open. That lens is not too popular because of the old AF design (no AF-S, needs a camera body with motor) and the fixed focal length. It is however among the best portrait lenses on FX format, with a creamy bokeh and nice transitions to the out of focus area. Highly recommended.

Sekonic L-358

I have been using a simple flashmeter mainly for studio photography: the Gossen F Digipro. While that flashmeter perfectly satisfied my needs, I recently discovered another reasonably priced option: the Sekonic L-358, a more high end option. This flashmeter has a number of significant advantages like possibilities to record info but also, and that's a very interesting feature, the possibility to add a wireless module to drive, for instance, Pocket Wizards, making it a very useful tool for any "mini-studio" photographers using standard flashes piloted with Pocket Wizards.

For people in Europe, you can find the Sekonic over here:

And the wireless extension module over here:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Samyang fisheye

DSC_6087, originally uploaded by gugs.
A very interesting alternative to the Nikon fisheye (or other brands if you are using Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Sony...). This lens is ridiculously cheap and actually delivers better pictures than the much more expensive equivalents. A more detailed review is available here:

the lens is available under different brand names, among others here: