Monday, June 11, 2007

Collecting salt in the Lake Rose

Senegal 88, originally uploaded by gugs.

This has been shot in Senegal, not far from Dakar. This is the lake Rose (lac Rose in french), very close to the sea. The lake contains a very percentage of salt and people collect salt crystalizing on pieces of wood they put in the water. That job is particularly difficult and bad for your health because the salt attacks your skin and eyes. Economically speaking, the activity is not too interesting either because those people don't make a lot of money, price of salt in the region not being very high. From a photographic point of view, a great opportunity to take colorful pictures. This has been shot with a Nikon D200 camera and the 18-200VR lens. There is some vignetting in this picture (dark corners) but I didn't dislike it and didn't try to remove it with post-processing.

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